Before She Left Home To Study Abroad, She Stole Her Stepsister’s Heirloom Necklace That She Feels Entitled To

angel_nt - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 19-year-old girl has a stepsister a year older than she is. Sadly, her mom passed away when she was 8, and then when she was 16, her dad married her stepsister’s mom.

Now, on her dad’s side of her family, there’s a family tradition involving an heirloom necklace. Her grandma’s family immigrated from Italy 3 generations back, and when they moved here, they brought this special necklace.

The necklace was eventually passed down to her grandma, who got her from her own mom, who got it from her mom, and so on and so forth.

Several years ago, her grandma passed away, and so the necklace ended up with her dad since her grandma didn’t speak to the rest of her children.

“So, all my life, I was told that the necklace goes to the oldest child (usually the daughter) and given when they’re 20,” she explained.

A week ago, her stepsister celebrated her 20th birthday, and one of the presents that she received was her grandma’s heirloom necklace that her dad gifted her stepsister.

When she saw the necklace, she absolutely freaked out. Her stepmom attempted to calm her down by saying it helps tie their two families together, but she snapped back that coming together as a family is for something like baking Christmas cookies, not giving away a special heirloom that’s been passed down for generations.

Her dad simply maintained that he was following the family tradition by making sure the necklace went to the first daughter to turn 20, which is her stepsister.

“My stepsister and I get on ok enough to have dinner together once a week, but she loves material things, so obviously, when a pretty diamond necklace gets put in her hand, she’ll die before she lets go of it,” she said.

angel_nt – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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