California Man Wins $20 Million: The Largest Sum Ever Won From A Scratch-Off Ticket In The State

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Chad Fry of Auburn, California, just hit the jackpot and took home the largest cash prize from a Scratchers ticket in the history of the California Lottery.

His life-changing day began with a trip to the mall to pick up some new shorts. Then, he decided to stop at the Foothill Market in Auburn to purchase some beer and a lottery ticket.

Chad opted for the more expensive Set For Life Millionaire Edition ticket, which was being sold for thirty dollars.

And according to Chad, the only reason why he was able to afford that thirty-dollar gamble was because of a construction side-job he completed this past winter.

“I had been waiting months for these people to pay me! So, I had a little extra money, and when I was at the counter, it grabbed my eye. I said, ‘Give me that thirty-dollar ticket,’ and that was it!” Chad recalled.

Nonetheless, he planned to scratch off the lucky ticket when he got home but then remembered he still needed to hit the grocery store. So, while in the parking lot, Chad just decided to go for it.

And to his surprise, the word “Life” was revealed after scratching out the ticket’s second line. Chad won a whopping twenty million dollars– the largest sum ever in California scratch-off history.

Winners of Set For Life Millionaire Edition have two payment options. They can either receive annual payments of eight hundred thousand dollars before federal taxes for twenty-five years or opt for a lump sum payment of $11.6 million before federal taxes.

Chad decided to pick the lump sum and now plans to buy a new Ford F250 pickup truck.

Wirestock – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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