California Man Wins $20 Million: The Largest Sum Ever Won From A Scratch-Off Ticket In The State

“I’m sure it will hit me that I’m a millionaire [now that I’ve seen] all those zeroes!” he added.

Still, Chad’s win has not been entirely well received by the community. Many people actually bashed him on social media for deciding to go public with his win.

But, Chad did not have much choice since, in the state of California, disclosure laws require the publication of the name and location of the business that sold the winning ticket as well as the winner’s full name.

The date won and the prize amount are also considered matters of public record that can be disclosed, according to the California Lottery FAQ page.

Still, it does not appear that Chad was too worried about old buddies and long-lost relatives coming out of the woodwork to cash in on his winnings.

After all, the state of California does not require winners to disclose their story behind winning or what they plan to spend the money on.

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