He Asked A Girl Out On A Second Date And Wouldn’t Pay When The Check Came, So She Cried, And Then He Tricked Her Into Paying For Both Of Their Meals

When the waitress arrived back at their table to pick up their credit cards, he and his date each put their cards on the table. Before the waitress could swipe his card, though, he locked it, so nothing could be charged to it. So, the waitress wound up charging his date’s card for the entire amount.

As soon as his date realized that she had been charged for everything that they had both ordered, she was extremely angry with him. He maintains that he just did it to be equal, and it was fair since he had paid for their first date together.

“I was even a gentleman and walked her home to her house down the street, but she just huffed and puffed and rejected me when I asked to put my arms around her,” he continued.

“I told her I had to go to the bathroom, so she said, “Fine, go” angrily, and then after I went, I took off my shoes, and she said, “Did I say you were staying? Then she kicked me out. I asked her if she would at least come out in the driveway to talk about it, but she refused.”

“I even texted her a week later saying how cute and interesting I thought she was and that I was hoping we could kiss a bit for the second date. She has just completely ghosted me all because I simply stood up for myself and advocated equality. ”

He still doesn’t think it was wrong of him to trick her into paying for their second date. Would you ghost this guy too if he did this to you?

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He Walked Out On A Date With A Girl, And When She Realized She Was Left To Pay Their Check, She Freaked Out On Him

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