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He Got Stood Up By A Regular At His Bar After He Asked Her Out On A Date, So When She Came In With Some Friends Afterward, He Basically Kicked Her Out

At first, he considered just kicking her out of the place. But, his bouncer was not on duty, and there were a ton of customers waiting on drinks.

Plus, he did not want to make a huge scene.

So instead, he opted to just walk up to Katie and her friends and ask her to leave. But apparently, Katie just kept asking him to talk, and he kept saying no and telling her to get out.

“Then her friends started asking why, and I told them that I am the bar owner and that I don’t need a reason,” he recalled.

Well, Katie still did not get the point and kept on asking to speak to him outside. So finally, he made a sarcastic remark about how he would shut down the entire bar and stop working just to talk to her.

Then, he actually called her a jerk and told her to leave one final time.

And by that point, her friends started to get pretty standoffish, and a bunch of his customers noticed what was going on. So, in an effort to wrap up the situation, he just asked Katie what she wanted to drink.

Katie then ordered a Bud Light, to which he responded, “That will be thirty dollars.”

Of course, Katie thought that was a ridiculous price and did not hesitate to call him out on it. But, he just told her to find another bar if she was unhappy with the price. He also let Katie’s friends know that he would be charging them the same.

In turn, Katie and her friends ultimately ended up leaving. However, they made sure to call him a jerk on the way out of the bar.

And since a few of his regular customers saw what happened, he has begun getting asked about the whole ordeal.

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