He Had A Crush On His Sister-In-Law When He Was Younger, And Since She Chose To Be With His Brother, He Informed Her That He Can No Longer Be Her Shoulder To Cry On

kite_rin - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 25-year-old guy grew up having the world’s largest crush on his friend named Emily. When he and Emily hit their teen years, he wasn’t quite sure how to tell her about his feelings, so he said nothing.

He was slightly awkward back then too, which didn’t help things at all either. He just hoped that one day Emily would wake up and decide that he was the one.

He kept his crush on Emily a secret from everyone, except for his older brother named Liam. Liam was not like him; he was confident and assertive, and he was the person he went to for advice when it came down to Emily.

And the day that he caught Liam hooking up with Emily, he was shocked. He couldn’t believe that his brother could stab him in the back like that, but it got worse.

“I know that she technically was never my girlfriend, but it still sucked, and I did feel betrayed,” he explained.

“Turns out they hooked up at a party once and liked the encounter so much that they kept meeting up to do it when no one was around.”

“I felt completely sick and basically just distanced myself from Emily after that, which could be really awkward because we had a lot of classes together and had the same shift at the part-time job we had. A job that Emily frequently depended on me to give her rides, too.”

His only desire at that point was to cut Emily right out of his life and stop being friends with her. When the summer of their senior year of high school came around, though, Emily, Liam, and his parents asked him to sit down and have a chat.

During that conversation, it came out that Emily was pregnant, and she and Liam were going through with keeping their baby.

kite_rin – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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