He Had A Crush On His Sister-In-Law When He Was Younger, And Since She Chose To Be With His Brother, He Informed Her That He Can No Longer Be Her Shoulder To Cry On

His mom and dad were far from thrilled, but he walked over to his bedroom and locked himself inside while he thought about how Emily would forever be in his life from then on.

“I purposefully transferred to an out-of-state College so I wouldn’t be home as much and lied about getting stuck in traffic when I missed Emily and Liam’s wedding, and I showed no interest in my niece “Daisy” (8f), although I still make the effort to be polite when I’m around them,” he said.

“Recently, Emily’s father has passed away, and she’s really going through it because despite him not being around, she always desired a relationship. When we were kids, I remember all those times I was a shoulder for Emily to cry on whenever she felt sad about her dad, and I guess she was longing for that type of comfort from me and kept reaching out. One day I relented and let her vent, but I maintained a silent and formal demeanor on the matter.”

Emily sobbed for an hour straight while he sat there without saying a word. He eventually asked Emily if she wanted water, and at that point, Emily demanded to know why he was being so uncaring. Emily went on to say she really did need him to be her friend at that moment, but he revealed to her that she needed to go to his brother if she was looking for a shoulder to cry on.

He maintained that he “stopped being her comfort person a long time ago,” but that only made Emily sob even harder. Emily got up and left, but then she got his brother, his mom, his dad, her own mom, and some of their friends to accuse him of being cold-hearted and full of spite.

“I can honestly say that I am now over Emily, but that doesn’t mean I’m willing to be as close to her as I used to,” he concluded.

He’s left wondering if it is mean of him, though, to not want to be friends with Emily anymore. Do you think he should have been more caring towards Emily when she needed him to be her shoulder to cry on?

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