He Made It Clear To His Wife That His Daughter Actually Is More Important Than Her

zamuruev - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A dad has a daughter who is 14, and he only recently got divorced from her mom. It’s still a touchy subject, the fact that he’s no longer with her daughter’s mom, but they both attempt to co-parent in a way that doesn’t impact their daughter negatively at all.

Now, he has since gotten remarried to his wife, named Isla. His daughter doesn’t look at Isla like a mom at all, but his daughter does get along with Isla pretty well, and he doesn’t expect his daughter to view her as a second mom.

“They do plenty together; they go out, take an interest in cooking together, watch shows together, etc.,” he explained.

“I’ve told Isla to be patient with my daughter. If something is wrong, I’d expect her to come to me, and I will talk with my daughter and make sure we resolve the issue. But as far as the harsh parts of parenting, that’s up to me.”

A couple of days ago though, his daughter and Isla had a major issue, and it all stemmed from a conversation surrounding his daughter’s birthday.

Isla said to his daughter in private that she would like her birthday to just be them and not include his daughter’s mom or other family members.

Since his daughter is turning 15, and that’s a major birthday, his daughter replied to Isla that she really did want her mom to be invited to the party they are putting together for her.

Isla kept saying to his daughter that she could have 2 parties, but 1 would not include his daughter’s mom, but his daughter questioned her about why she’s trying to exclude her mom from her big day.

“And Isla got mad at her for that and accused her of being bratty, and if she wants her mom so bad, she should go there,” he said.

zamuruev – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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