He Made It Clear To His Wife That His Daughter Actually Is More Important Than Her

“I was so confused because…what argument even is that? First of all, there’s a reason she went behind my back and told my daughter; second of all, she’s not my kid’s mother, and the more she tried to replace her, the more my daughter will resent her, third of all she’s never welcome to insult my daughter because of her issues, and I don’t know where and why she thought this would fly.”

He said these exact words to Isla, who got defensive about him not caring about how she felt. Isla also told him that she wants his daughter to notice her too and want to be around her too.

He was shocked that Isla said this because Isla and his daughter do tons of things together, and his daughter does include Isla in things.

He failed to see how Isla felt less important, and then Isla accused him of siding with his daughter.

“I told her that if she expects me to turn on my daughter, she’s out of her mind, and my daughter comes first in any situation,” he continued.

“She started crying and accused me and saying she’s in “second place,” to which I confirmed. I would never want her to put me over a kid; she left and now isn’t speaking to me.”

He’s left wondering if he took it too far by making it clear to Isla that she will always play second fiddle to his daughter.

What do you think?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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