He Missed His Daughter’s Birth To Continue His Shift At His Father’s Restaurant, And Now His Wife Will Not Speak To Him

Roman Yanushevsky - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This twenty-eight-year-old man has a gorgeous wife who is twenty-seven, and they have been trying to have a baby for nearly three years now.

They first met in high school and have been in love ever since. So, when his wife first found out she was pregnant, they were totally over the moon. Then, they started preparing everything from baby supplies to a nursery.

However, his father is apparently a real jerk– even though he “keeps him employed.” In other words, his dad owns a really nice Italian restaurant that has been in and run by his family for decades now.

“I have worked there since I was about fifteen, and I am now head chef,” he explained.

The only problem is that his father treats all of the restaurant employees pretty badly. In fact, if anyone misses even just one shift, they are at risk of being demoted or fired. And that includes him.

So, this past weekend, he was in the middle of a really chaotic shift during one of the busiest days at the restaurant when he got a call from his mother-in-law with good news.

His wife had finally gone into labor, and he needed to race to the hospital right away.

But, when he told his dad about his literal child being born and asked if he could go to the birth, his dad actually said no.

“You can go if you are okay with being unemployed” is actually exactly what his father said. And his father’s reasoning was that the restaurant was severely understaffed that day– go figure.

Roman Yanushevsky – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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