He Reamed Out His Friend For Sending A 6-Foot-Tall Stuffed Dolphin To His Wife’s Office On Her First Day Of Work And Completely Humiliating Her

BullRun - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This forty-year-old man has known his best friend since middle school, and they have always had a friendship filled to the brim with teasing.

But just this week, his friend’s wife started a brand new finance management job in a major capital city. And his friend may have taken his love of pranks a bit overboard.

On her first day at work, his friend had a massive six-foot-tall stuffed dolphin sent to her high-rise office building. Apparently, the dolphin was supposed to be some sort of surprise gift. But, his friend’s wife was understandably furious.

“She said it embarrassed her. Her senior managers found zero humor in it, and her equals and people she will be responsible for managing have now given her stupid nicknames about the stuffed dolphin and spent the day having laughs at her expense,” he explained.

Plus, since she works in a high rise, she was forced to lug the huge, heavy dolphin through the lobby, onto the elevator, and down to the parking garage. How humiliating.

So, if you could not have guessed it, the couple had a massive fight after work. And afterward, his friend’s wife even left to go stay at her parent’s house. Yikes.

In turn, his friend ultimately turned to him for moral support following the whole ordeal. The friend explained the entire situation, and, at first, he honestly had a good laugh imagining his friend’s wife struggling to carry the dolphin around the office.

But then, he realized that his friend was obviously fishing for reassurance that the prank was sweet and not that big of a deal. And he did not let his friend off so easy.

“I called him a freaking idiot for thinking this was smart. I kind of laid into him about how disrespectful this was and on her first day, of all days. And how, as a spouse, only a fool would do anything to put their significant other in a poor light,” he recalled.

BullRun – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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