He Thinks His Stepdaughter Is Acting Like A Brat By Not Sharing Her Lactose-Free Milk

morrowlight - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This forty-year-old man is married, and he and his wife both have children from previous relationships. He has an eighteen-year-old son named Connor, and his wife has a sixteen-year-old daughter, Sasha.

Sasha currently spends about half the month at his house and the other half at her biological father’s. Meanwhile, Connor also has a girlfriend– Hannah– who stays at his home three to four days a week.

And having Sasha and Hannah living under the same roof has been causing some problems– specifically, because they are both lactose intolerant.

He and his wife started buying both regular and lactose-free milk once Sasha started frequently staying there.

“And I’ll admit, Sasha’s milk is quite expensive because she only likes a certain kind that she can also drink alone– not just with coffees or smoothies,” he explained.

But, the real issue is Hannah using Sasha’s milk. Apparently, Hannah would constantly drink the lactose-free milk whenever she was staying with Connor– which caused Sasha to complain several times.

So, Sasha asked him and his wife to set some clearer boundaries. For example, Sasha wanted him to either buy her and Hannah their own specific gallons or tell Hannah to buy her own lactose-free milk.

In an effort to avoid conflict, though, his wife decided to just buy Sasha a mini fridge to keep in her own room. That way, Sasha could store her own milk and other personal food items in private. However, he found this to be super disrespectful.

“I mean, it’s just milk. We can always buy more,” he said.

morrowlight – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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