He Told His Female Roommate That She Dresses In A Way That’s Just Unattractive And Lazy

“I said that her style of dressing has become lazy and unattractive (I shouldn’t have used that last word, it was the alcohol).”

Gina was stunned by what he said to her, and she mentioned that she dresses the way that she does because these clothes make her feel great about herself.

He didn’t say anything else and simply shrugged his shoulders. Gina then retreated into her bedroom while he passed right out on their couch.

“Ever since this, she’s been acting cold and distant,” he continued. “I’ve tried to apologize for the way I worded my thoughts, but she’s still upset, I guess.”

Gina has brought up to their friends what he said about her style, and everyone believes he’s the worst.

Well, there is one friend that he and Gina have that is on his side and thinks Gina is blowing this out of proportion, so he’s left wondering if what he said was warranted.

Do you think what he said to Gina was ok?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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