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He Was Thinking Of Proposing To His Girlfriend, But One Of His Girlfriend’s Friends Told Him To Reconsider

First, the friend asked him to talk privately– which he immediately thought was odd.

Then, after they went to get coffee, the friend shared she had heard he was thinking of proposing and actually asked him to reconsider.

“This really shocked me as I thought I was well-liked by her friends. But, she explained that it would not be fair for me to marry my girlfriend when I was still attached to my ex and that it would be kinder to ‘let her go’ to someone that could fully commit,” he said.

After hearing this, he first tried to argue that he was entirely in love with his girlfriend. After all, she means the world to him, and he is incredibly grateful they met.

But then, the friend posed a weird question. They asked if his ex were alive today, would he still choose his girlfriend over her?

This completely caught him off guard, and, at that moment, he did not have an answer. Still, his pause only reassured the friend that they had been right.

So, the friend went on to reassure him that they only wanted what was best for his girlfriend and urged him to “have a long think” about if proposing was truly the right choice.

And ever since then, he has been left completely confused about what to do.

Before that conversation, he had been totally confident in his decision to propose to his current girlfriend.

But, the friend’s question has thrust him between his ex and girlfriend again, and he has realized that he is super torn between the two of them.

So now, he is not sure if asking his girlfriend to marry him while he is still hung up over his ex would be a totally jerky thing to do.

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