Her Best Friend Started Sobbing After Finding Out The Guy She’s Been Seeing Has Another Girl On The Side, But She Told Her Best Friend She Doesn’t Have A Right To Be Upset Because She’s A Cheater Too

sanneberg - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 20-year-old girl has a best friend the same age as her that she has been close to since they were both just in elementary school.

Her best friend is more like a family member, as their relationship grew into being like that over the years.

Additionally, she and her best friend both have families that are super negative, so that has also brought them closer together, but her best friend has one pretty negative quality of her own, and that’s being a player.

“I always knew she was a player, a really good one at that,” she explained. “She is changing boyfriends often, sometimes has a couple of them at the same time.”

“Changing partners is not something that ever bothered me because I had a phase in my life where I did that too, didn’t want to settle down and wanted to have fun. But her cheating on sometimes 5-6 guys at a time is something that always stung a bit because she knows I was cheated on, I know the feeling, and I literally cried on her shoulder until 6 am when someone I cared about a lot did that to me.”

Cheating also destroyed her own family, so she really has never been behind her friend’s cheating behavior.

Her friend constantly strings guys along, makes them think that she’s in a monogamous relationship with them, and then sees other guys on the side.

A couple of days back, her best friend approached her sobbing. Apparently, her best friend was seeing a guy (who was 1 of 4 in her rotation) and found out that he’s in a relationship with a different girl entirely that she never knew about.

“She told me he’s the guy she actually likes, and he can satisfy her emotional needs but can’t fulfill everything she needs in bed, so she had to see other people,” she said.

sanneberg – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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