Her Boyfriend Called Her Lazy For Not Working Out, So She Called Him Fat And Hasn’t Spoken To Him In A Week - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This young woman is quite active and typically works out four to five times a week.

“I do HIIT twice a week and go for a run two times a week and maybe go for a hike on the weekends,” she explained.

Her boyfriend, on the other hand, does not work out at all. And apparently, he does not even walk his dog– she does every single time she goes over to his house.

This started to concern her, so she would invite him to join her at the gym multiple times a week. But, he apparently always came up with an excuse.

“My boyfriend was big when we met, but he has gotten bigger since we started dating. I am not sure how much he weighs, but he is a size 4XL in shirts and is about five foot eleven,” she said.

“He also eats terribly, and his doctor informed him his blood pressure is high. Still, he has not done anything about it.”

She had not directly commented on his weight or overall health until recently, though, when he actually threw the first jab.

She had just started a new workout, which is pretty brutal. She normally goes to her workout class twice a week now, but last week, she was suffering from some pretty severe PMS.

And since she is on the slimmer side, if she works out too hard or loses too much weight, she will literally lose her period. So, she decided to skip the workout just once– and her boyfriend allegedly attacked her over it. – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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