Her Boyfriend Is A Chronic Oversleeper And Missed A Planned Date With Her Family For A Third Time

yavdat - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This eighteen-year-old woman has been dating her boyfriend for eight months now, and their relationship has been kind of a snooze fest– literally.

Her boyfriend has an extensive history of oversleeping and had already missed out on two important events because he was catching some z’s.

The first time he overslept, he missed a date she had planned two weeks in advance. And the second time, he missed a family hang-out where he was supposed to meet her mother. Ouch.

“Those two times, he was unemployed and was choosing to stay up all night knowing we had plans the next day. Each time it hurt, but each time I forgave him,” she recalled.

This past weekend, though, her boyfriend was back to his old behavior and missed yet another significant event.

She was super excited for her mother and grandma to finally meet her boyfriend. And since he recently got a job requiring him to work the night shift, she took into account everything that could possibly lead him to oversleep when planning the day.

“I made sure it was during his off day, not the day directly after his last day of work. That means he had a whole twenty-four hours beforehand to prepare himself for traveling to my house– we live two hours apart,” she explained.

And her family was really looking forward to the introduction. Plus, it meant a lot to her personally since her grandma has Alzheimer’s disease and only has about a year left.

So, her boyfriend apparently promised to go to sleep early and set his alarms. But, she was increasingly antsy about the entire visit and kept psyching herself out that he would not show up at all.

yavdat – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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