Her Boyfriend Is A Chronic Oversleeper And Missed A Planned Date With Her Family For A Third Time

Then, at 7:00 a.m., she got the dreaded text– her boyfriend had stayed up all night and planned to take a nap in order to wake up at 10:30 a.m.

After learning that, she tried to hold onto hope but had a gut feeling their day was destined for disaster.

By the time 12:00 p.m. rolled around, she had practically blown up his phone trying to wake him up, but her boyfriend never stirred. Plus, her family began asking questions.

It began with her father, with whom she refuses to lie. And obviously, he was really disappointed.

Next, she had to tell her mother, who was also disappointed– especially because they had cooked an extra special lunch for her boyfriend.

But it broke her heart the most to tell her grandmother, who was apparently looking for her boyfriend right after she arrived.

“I had to tell her while trying so hard not to cry that he wasn’t coming. The smile on her already aged. She looked so confused,” she said.

“She asked me again where he was, and I had to say again he was not coming. She looked at my mom, who repeated it again. It felt like a knife to my heart to see my grandma look so confused.”

Of course, her boyfriend did not wake up until hours later. Yet he still had the nerve to just text her that he was sorry for not making it.

Despite being furious, she tried to remain respectful while telling him just how upsetting his absence was to both her and her entire family.

However, her boyfriend did not really understand. Instead, he asked her to give him “some leeway” because apparently, if he had gone for the visit, he would have had a hard time sleeping for work.

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