Her Boyfriend Lost Their Toddler And Did Not Seem To Care, So She Hid His Dog To Prove A Point And He Was Furious

Apparently, Bobby had made it all the way to her neighbor’s house, climbed through the doggy door, and attempted to get into the neighbor’s daughter’s room to play.

All the while, Hank never even noticed Bobby was missing until she got home, and the neighbor ultimately brought their son home.

“Obviously, I was freaked out but thankful he went to a ‘safe place.’ I also yelled at Hank for not watching him, but he told me to calm down because it all worked out fine.”

And her boyfriend’s totally lax response understandably annoyed her even more. So, she waited a few days for things to settle down before deciding to prove an important point.

On Hank’s next day off, she snuck home early, grabbed Ladybird, and dropped the dog off at the same neighbor’s house. Then, she made a “big show” about coming into the house and purposefully left the door wide open.

At first, Hank did not notice anything was missing or wrong. But after he called out Ladybird’s name and got no response, she played it cool until he noticed the open back door.

And he completely freaked out. He claimed that she was not careful enough and that Ladybird could get killed out there before literally running outside with no shirt or shoes on and screaming his dog’s name.

But, while Hank was outside making a whole fuss, she texted her neighbor to walk Ladybird over. And afterward, Hank spotted Ladybird, took the dog inside, and began berating her.

Then, he told her that Ladybird could have been stolen or killed.

So, she took that opportunity to ask how he thought she felt when she could not find their actual son. And shockingly, he seemingly could not have cared less.

“He said it did not compare, that Bobby was just at the neighbor’s, and that we live in a ‘safe’ neighborhood, so nothing would have happened. And I honestly did not have anything to say to that,” she recalled.

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