Her Boyfriend Made Dinner For Her And Then Got Upset When She Gave Some To Her Dog To Eat

Jay remarked that the food she was about to give to Shelby wasn’t for dogs at all.

“Jay knows I mainly feed Shelby a raw diet,” she said. “I opened the door to put the plate down for Shelby, and Jay got up, took the plate away from her, went to the kitchen, and came back with it wrapped up in tinfoil and told me to leave.”

“His excuse was that he made dinner for him and me, not me, him, and my dog and that I should’ve asked before I helped myself since he would’ve used his leftovers.”

“I did leave but not before telling him that he made that meal for us so I could do with some of it as I pleased, and he knew damn well how I feed Shelby.”

After she left Jay’s house, she spoke to one of her friends about what happened, and she was surprised that her friend took Jay’s side.

Her friend believes Jay had every right to be angry with her, but she isn’t sure her friend is giving her good advice, as her friend has never liked how she acts with Shelby.

She’s left wondering if it was wrong of her to feed Shelby food from the dinner that Jay had made for her.

Would you be offended if you were in Jay’s shoes?

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