Her Boyfriend Wants Her To Send Him $5,000 To Pay For His Child’s Surgery, And She Won’t Do It

So, she told her boyfriend her concerns, and at first, he said it was fine that she did not feel comfortable. But then, he basically tried to emotionally manipulate her by saying his child was in dire need of help “under doctor’s recommendation.”

Plus, even though she felt super pressured and told her boyfriend that, he just kept promising that she would meet his kids right after the surgery. Thankfully, though, she eventually refused to hand over the money. However, this did not stop him from freaking out on her.

“He kept [going] on about how cruel I was and how little I care about his kids and him. I swore it was not like that, but he hung up on me saying he needed to get some fresh air,” she explained.

Nonetheless, her boyfriend still did not quit– because after the phone call, he started texting her photos of a young boy with an IV drip attached to their arm.

She broke down into tears after seeing the picture and attempted to call him back. But, he did not respond, and she has since decided to stand firm in her decision not to pay the supposed surgery bill.

Despite that, she still felt guilty about her choice and reached out to a friend for advice. And shockingly, her friend actually said she should give him the cash but get some sort of contract in place to ensure he gives her the money back.

So now, she has been left wondering if not listening to her friend would make her a jerk.

Do you think this sounds like some sort of scam? Would you send the money after only knowing someone for three months and never meeting their children? How would you proceed with this situation?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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