Her Boyfriend’s Parents Came Over For Dinner, And When They Found Out That She Ordered Pizza, They Felt Insulted

SHOTPRIME STUDIO - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 28-year-old girl has been in a relationship with her 31-year-old boyfriend for the last 7 months, and she has already gone to her boyfriend’s family’s house multiple times to have dinner with them.

Her boyfriend’s family is Italian, and that’s one thing that they are incredibly proud of.

Yesterday evening, her boyfriend’s parents came over for dinner at their apartment, and this was completely unannounced.

Her boyfriend’s parents claimed that they were in the area seeing one of their friends, so they just were going to drop by.

“I freaked out when they said dinner because it was late, and I was working and had no time to cook,” she explained.

“So I ordered pizza for all of us. The second his parents saw the pizza, they got pissed. His dad gave me a nasty stare and then said that I “intentionally” served them pizza just because they were “Italians.”

“In other words, he claimed I was mocking them and their food and assuming that just cause they’re Italian, then they’d only eat Italian food…”

She couldn’t believe her boyfriend’s dad confronted her like this. She replied back that she didn’t see how he took the pizza to mean that at all, and he kept lacing into her.

He demanded to know if she would serve Asian guests sushi before asking how she would feel if he gave her french fries and fast food the next time she came to their house, as he said that was what Americans eat.

SHOTPRIME STUDIO – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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