Her Boyfriend’s Sister Ruined Her Bridesmaid Dress, So She Flipped Out On Her And Now Her Boyfriend’s Family Is Berating Her For How She Handled Things

Kate was upset for several days after that, but then everything died down.

2 days ago, Kate and Mike’s mom came over for dinner, and the night was going quite well.

Kate then got up to go to the bathroom, and she spent quite a bit of time in there, so they all thought it would be good to make sure she was ok.

Kate wasn’t in the bathroom when they found her. Instead, she was in their bedroom holding onto her bridesmaid dress, which had been ripped right in half.

Her best friend’s wedding is happening in Hawaii in less than one week, and she couldn’t believe Kate destroyed her dress.

“When she saw me she said I really need to stop buying such poor quality clothing,” she said. “I was so mad, the wedding is in a week, and my dress was ruined.”

“I looked at her and started yelling. I told her we weren’t the same size and to stop thinking we are and that she needs to realize she’s not healthy and needs help. She started crying, pushed past me, and drove home.”

“Mike and his mom heard everything and told me I had every right to be upset and that what she did was not okay.”

The morning after this all happened, Kate and Mike’s aunts and grandparents called her and texted her to berate her for flipping out on Kate.

“They told me I’m an insecure brat and it’s a good thing their dad wasn’t with us anymore because he would be ashamed Mike was with me,” she continued.

“I was hurt; I always wished I could meet him and never expected to hear that from his family.”

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