Her Dad Regrets Cheating On Her Mom, But Now Her Sister Who He Had With His Affair Partner Feels Like That Means Their Dad Wishes She Never Existed

This past August, her mom announced on social media that she had gotten married to her coworker named Ian.

Her mom and Ian eloped and then spent their honeymoon in Hawaii. She was already aware that her mom was dating Ian, and her mom spent the last 3 years in a relationship with him.

She actually was ok with her mom moving on, and she made that clear to her mom. She never told her dad, though, that her mom had met someone knew, and he was beside himself when he found out.

“My dad was heartbroken and furious at me for “betraying” him by not telling him that mom was seeing someone else but later apologized,” she said.

“I forgave him because I know he still secretly loved my mom, but I started to get concerned after he started drinking more. More than once, I’ve had to pick him up from a bar and sneak him back into the house while Jane was sleeping, but this time he passed out in the garage, and Jane walked in on him.”

“When he woke up, he was sobbing while drunk and moaning about how miserable his life was without my mom. That cheating on her was the biggest mistake of his life, and how he wishes, it never happened.”

Jane obviously heard their dad confessing that he wished he never did cheat, and Jane took that to mean that their dad was saying he wishes she never existed.

Jane later let her know that she was crushed to hear their dad say those words, but she wasn’t exactly ready to be Jane’s shoulder to cry on for that.

“I told her that I’m sorry she felt that way, and while I’m not the best person to speak to about this, I can talk to dad about getting her a therapist,” she continued.

“Jane then teared up and said that I clearly hate her too and has been crying to our grandmother about this.”

Her grandma believes she was a complete jerk to Jane and that she should have done more to make Jane feel better.

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