Her Daughter Has Been Failing College, So She Gave Her An Ultimatum Of Either Paying Rent Or Getting Kicked Out

Vasyl - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This woman has a twenty-year-old daughter named Laura, who was enrolled in a state university.

And even though Laura had been majoring in computer science, she found out some pretty shocking news.

After accidentally finding an email from Laura’s school, she learned that her daughter had been put on academic probation. Moreover, Laura would lose all of her state aid if she did not start passing her college classes.

So, out of worry, she tried talking to Laura about it a few times.

“I brought this to her attention at least twice, but she said that she was handling school. So, I did not press her on this further as I didn’t feel right micromanaging a grown woman,” she recalled.

She did, however, say that if Laura lost her state aid, she would have to get a job to cover the tuition costs.

Now, a semester has since passed since those conversations, and just recently, she found out that Laura has been at home instead of going to school.

Moreover, this has been a consistent occurrence over the past two weeks. So, she finally pressed Laura about it again.

And Laura ultimately revealed that she failed all of her classes but could not afford to pay for them.

Vasyl – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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