Her Ex Paid For A Lavish Wedding After Not Sending Any Child Support For Nearly A Year, So She Blasted Him On Social Media

andrey - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This woman had a few children with her ex-husband– one who is now a teen and a couple who are younger– while they were married.

But then, they separated and got a divorce, all in a matter of five months, earlier this year. And just last month, she found out some seriously upsetting news about her ex.

Apparently, he got engaged to another woman within just one month of them separating. Plus, he somehow scraped together enough money for a fancy engagement ring and a lavish wedding. Then, he even paid for an extravagant honeymoon to Hawaii.

Don’t get me wrong, though– it’s not that she is not happy for her ex. Instead, she is sick of being left alone with the kids while he pays zero child support.

That’s right– she has the kids basically ninety-nine percent of the time. But, she still has to work and feels so bad about having to depend on her teenage child to watch the younger ones.

“I feel awful doing that and pay what I can for the time,” she said.

Still, though, even that is extremely difficult since her ex never contributes any money to the children’s care.

And it is not like she has not asked. In fact, she confronted him about starting to make child support payments after finding out about his expensive engagement, wedding, and honeymoon.

But then, her ex claimed he is now in debt from all of those purchases. Go figure.

andrey – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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