Her Fiancé Returned The Wedding Dress That She Purchased And Instead Brought Home The Dress His Mom Wants Her To Wear While Walking Down The Aisle

She was dumbfounded, as she didn’t think anyone should have a say in which dress she picked for her wedding except for her, and it was too late anyway since she already bought the dress she love.

Her fiancé was extremely upset with her and accused her of copping an attitude with his mom.

Her fiancé then maintained that he wanted her to think about the wedding dress his mom picked out for her, since he didn’t see how the dress she picked was that different from the one his mom wanted her to buy.

She replied back that the dress she loved was drastically different from the dress her fiancé’s mom loved, but he still didn’t see things from her side, and the argument continued for some time.

Eventually, they stopped talking about the issue of the wedding dress, and she figured that was that, but boy, was she ever wrong.

“Yesterday I came home and found out that he had returned my wedding dress and replaced it with the one his mom wanted,” she said.

“I called him and he was straightforward about what he did and why he did it. I lost it and started screaming at him. He asked me to calmn down and really give this dress “a chance.” I refused to even listen I screamed at him without giving him a chance to speak.”

“He got home and we had an argument. I then went to stay with one of my friends and he kept calling and calling then texting saying that I overreacted and it’s his wedding too so it wasn’t cool how I screamed at him.”

“He insisted I give this dress a chance. He went on and on about how his mom has a “vision” and good intentions and just wants what best for me as her future daughter-in-law.”

Her own mom is furious and is about to start a screaming match with her future mother-in-law, but her dad thinks she needs to let this all go.

Her dad doesn’t want her to get started on the wrong foot with her in-laws, and he wants her to just accept the new dress and move on.

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