Her Friend Said She Was Successful In Art Because Of Privilege, So She Shut Her Down

undrey - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This twenty-five-year-old woman is an artist who has been creating various kinds of artwork since she was a teenager and began attending a specialized art school. And ever since then, she sometimes submits her paintings to local exhibits.

“I have had some luck with some, which is cool. But, since it can be such a gamble, I don’t really try to participate in them,” she said.

On the other hand, her friend Kiera recently got into art during the COVID-19 lockdowns. She started by primarily creating digital art before she decided to try out painting.

And, just recently, there was a new gallery having a “call for artists,” and Kiera confided in her for advice. Essentially, Kiera wanted to know if she should try her hand at submitting some pieces or not.

And she basically told Kiera that the decision was all hers. However, she warned Kiera that since the gallery is brand new, there would likely be tons of submissions to consider. Moreover, digital art is not a medium the gallery accepts– and that’s what Kiera is most skilled in.

Nonetheless, Kiera decided to go through with it and submitted just one piece, even though the gallery accepted up to five per applicant. And, if you could not have guessed it, she did not get selected.

Anyway, this was not a huge issue until she and Kiera decided to hang out with some of their other friends.

During the hangout, Kiera began talking about that first art show as well as another one she had recently heard about.

Then, Kiera said she was debating whether or not to apply before making a pretty snarky remark.

undrey – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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