Her Husband Got Angry At Her For Baking Gluten-Free Brownies Even Though She Has A Gluten Intolerance

dmitriisimakov - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This thirty-one-year-old woman is married and, recently, her husband asked her to make some brownies. Apparently, he has always been terrible at baking ever since he was young. So, she is always the go-to baker in her household.

But, this past year, she realized that she suffered from severe gluten intolerance. In fact, she even had to be hospitalized after one horrible gluten incident.

So, she understandably decided not to keep any gluten in her house anymore. Well, aside from some personal snacks for other family members.

“And my husband has been in my corner the whole time, with occasional teasing,” she said.

Anyway, she decided to whip up some Keto-friendly gluten-free brownies for her and her hubby after he asked. But, they honestly came out terribly.

Nonetheless, she was determined to make her gluten-free baked good dreams come true and thought that making the brownies from scratch would be better.

“My husband said he would try them but said he didn’t think he would like them because everything gluten-free tastes funny,” she recalled.

Despite his feedback, she decided to give it a go anyway. While making the batter, her brother-in-law and best friend were also over at her house. So, she let them lick the spoon once the brownies were in the oven.

They both said the batter tasted good, but her husband was still pretty critical.

dmitriisimakov – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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