Her Husband Got Angry At Her For Baking Gluten-Free Brownies Even Though She Has A Gluten Intolerance

In fact, he claimed that he could still taste the different flour she used. Then, he had the nerve to ask why she did not just make regular brownies in the first place.

“I said that I want to enjoy them if I am making them, and I also like testing things before giving them to others,” she explained.

Her husband did not like this answer, though. Instead, he somewhat angrily asked, “So, that means I am never going to have normal sweets again?!”

This made her pretty upset. I mean, she is the one baking, and why shouldn’t she get to enjoy the treats too?

Nonetheless, she ended up telling her husband that she would purchase some regular box mix and make him some brownies. Still, though, her husband has no clue why she got upset about that and kept pressing her on the topic.

So now, she is not sure if making gluten-free brownies was somehow a rude thing to do.

Do you think she has a right to bake treats she can enjoy? Can’t her husband buy some from the store or bake his own? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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