Her Mom Is Starting To Act Really Jealous Over The Sweet Things Her Own Boyfriend Does For Her

Ilona - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 22-year-old girl has been dating her 22-year-old boyfriend for the last 8 months. Throughout their time together, her boyfriend has really gone out of his way to do incredibly romantic and sweet things for her.

He constantly purchases bouquets of flowers for her, and he has even bought several diamonds for her.

He also enjoys treating her to fancy dinners, and in just a couple of weeks, she’s going on vacation to Italy with him.

She’s on cloud nine with her boyfriend, but her mom is kind of ruining everything for her.

“My mom has always been a bit of a hot head, she’s highly anxious and a bit manipulative, but I love her, and we have a good relationship,” she explained.

“Recently, she’s been making really snide comments about me and my boyfriend’s relationship. She makes comments like “I’ve never been taken to a restaurant that nice,” or “See, look, I get flowers too” (when my dad got her flowers).”

“She also made a comment to my aunt saying, “Her boyfriends taking her to Italy, but all I’m getting for my 25th anniversary is a weekend trip to the beach.” It’s starting to make me uncomfortable because I’ve never felt this sense of jealousy coming from my mother, and it’s a strange feeling to have.”

“I would hope she would be happy that I’m happy and I have a partner who takes such good care of me, but it’s almost become a weird competition on her end.”

Her dad does treat her mom wonderfully, but she thinks that since they have been married for so long, a lot of the excitement of their relationship has worn off.

Ilona – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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