Her Parents Tried To Get Rid Of Her Dog Behind Her Back, So Now She Is Refusing To Financially Support Them

Regardless, her mother took it upon themself to wait until she was at work. Then, they packed up her dog’s leash and toys and actually had the nerve to get rid of her dog altogether!

So, once she got home, she was understandably furious and completely freaked out on her parents. Then, she demanded to know where her dog was and if they did not tell her, she threatened to call the cops and have them charged with theft.

Thankfully, her mother eventually caved and told her where her dog was. So, she was able to pick her pup up and bring them home. However, she refused to stay with her family any longer. Instead, she went back to her parent’s house, packed up all of her belongings, and has been staying at a friend’s house ever since.

But, since she helped cover much of her family’s living expenses, her dad has not stopped blowing up her phone– especially since he lost his job due to COVID-19 and has no way of affording their house anymore.

“My dad has been calling me and texting me asking about money for October. I told him he should have thought about that when he allowed a crazy person [her mom] to steal from me,” she recalled.

But, her dad claimed that her family would be completely out of money within three months if she did not help them. Her family has also accused her of being a total jerk for caring more about her dog than them.

Nonetheless, she just does not trust her family anymore and is disgusted that they would ever go behind her back like that while she was practically supporting them. Still, though, she is not sure if basically leaving her parents homeless is the wrong way to handle this situation.

If these were your parents, what would you do? Do you think she has a right to let them fend for themselves or not? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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