Her Roommate Pretended Their Apartment Got Robbed To Teach Her A Lesson, So Now She’s Ignoring Her Roommate

Her TV, her mini fridge, and her vintage magazines were missing, along with a ton of her clothing.

“It was clear, through my eyes, that I had been robbed,” she said. “I sat on my bed and just sat there in shock.”

“On the verge of tears, I called my father, who didn’t pick up, and I was left defeated practically, lol. Then I jumped up because I was worried about my roommate’s room. She was sitting there waiting for me.”

“She had all my things in there. Pranked me to try and teach me a lesson about locking the door. My problem is that she never even talked to me; I had no idea this was an issue with her before. She said I should have “assumed” that I need to lock the door out of respect for a shared living space.”

She and her roommate then got into a fight before she decided to pick up her things and stop talking to her entirely.

In the days since this all went down, she has not said a single word to her roommate because she’s that angry with her.

She believes that her roommate’s behavior is upsetting, frightening, and simply out of touch with reality.

She did fill one of her friends in about what happened, who also happens to be friends with her roommate, and this friend thinks that she’s the one in the wrong.

Her friend stated that she was the one being mean and dramatic, especially since her roommate is struggling in her life right now, so she needs to be more understanding.

Although she does get that her roommate isn’t having the easiest time, she believes that isn’t an excuse for her roommate pretending to rob her to teach her a lesson.

She thinks she did nothing wrong and that everyone around her is just nuts.

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