Her Sister Offered To Watch Her Twins While She Was In Labor, But When She Came Home From The Hospital, She Saw That Her Sister Destroyed Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Her Baby Stuff

Last Thursday morning, she went into labor, and Jodie rushed to her house to watch her sons. She and her husband left to go to the hospital, and things with Jodie appeared to be good.

“Everything seemed fine until we got home this morning to find thousands worth of destruction to pretty much every baby item we’ve purchased,” she explained.

“Even the crib mattress was torn open. Everything was ruined. Jodie tried to pin it on the twins, but they’re 3, and this level of destruction had to have been done by an adult.”

“My twins can’t even reach some of the stuff that was destroyed, and they certainly do not know how to open diaper packages and tear them apart.”

“I know kids, especially toddlers, can do a lot of damage in a short time, but I also know my children aren’t capable of doing what happened.”

Aside from the mattress being totally destroyed (it appeared to have been cut to pieces), her baby monitor had been ripped off the wall, and it was placed far too high up for children to reach.

The crib itself was smashed, along with a framed photo, and glass was everywhere.

She just knew her twins couldn’t have done any of this. It had to have been Jodie, but why?

When she saw all of the damage, she kicked Jodie out, but not before she said a few choice words to her first.

“I got really angry, and I said a lot of stuff I shouldn’t have, but one of them was, “I hope you never have a child, and if you do, then I’ll tell it exactly what you’ve done to mine,” she said.

“I told her we can’t afford to fix the damage she’s caused, but since she still denies it, she won’t cough up. I told her because of her, the baby doesn’t even have a safe space to sleep.”

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