Her Sister Stole Her Deceased Baby’s Name, And So She Went To Her House To Confront Her About It

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A woman welcomed her little girl into the world 3 years ago along with her boyfriend. Sadly, her baby girl survived for just 19 hours before passing away.

“t was a traumatic experience for me and one I struggle with to this day, and the pain of her loss led to my ex-boyfriend and I splitting up as we couldn’t stand to be together anymore,” she explained.

“Her name is not a family name, she was called Coraline with Iris as her middle name. My ex-boyfriend and I just each picked a name we liked.”

Very recently, her little sister gave birth to a daughter, yet her sister wouldn’t tell anybody what she named her baby until after it became legal and set in stone.

She never figured that her sister would have a serious reason to keep her daughter’s name hidden, but then her sister made an online announcement about the birth of the baby.

When she saw the announcement, she couldn’t believe what her sister chose to name her little girl: Iris Coraline.

“She took both my daughter’s names and just swapped the order,” she said. “If she’d only taken one of the names to try and honor my daughter and made a middle name, I wouldn’t be upset, but this felt deliberate, and the fact she hid it from everyone makes it even worse.”

“I went to her home to demand to know what she was playing at with this, and she got offended, telling me she’d always thought the names were beautiful and she’d swapped the order so I shouldn’t be upset.”

“This led to an argument with shouting on both ends. Finally, I called her an insensitive b**** before I left and ended up crying a lot when I got home.”

Trendsetter Images – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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