His Girlfriend Doesn’t Think It’s Fair For Her To Have To Pay For Exactly Half Of Their Rent When They Start Living Together

dianagrytsku - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 29-year-old guy has been dating his 28-year-old girlfriend for the last 5 years, and the next logical step in their relationship is living together.

He lives in a different country than his girlfriend does, but she recently landed a job out there in a city close to him, so she’s making the move to be there.

In preparation for his girlfriend joining him in his country, he found a brand new apartment that was much larger than where he used to live.

He pays about $2,000 a month to be there, and there’s plenty of space for the two of them. Not too long ago, his girlfriend asked if she could pay $600 every month for their rent instead of splitting it evenly and her having to cough up $1,000.

His girlfriend does have a $20,000 student loan she has to pay down in a decade, but he doesn’t think that serves as enough of an excuse to cut her a break on the rent, especially since she’s making as much as he does (6 figures a year).

His girlfriend easily can afford to split their monthly rent cost right down the middle, and so he did bring up to her that he only thought it was fair for them to arrange rent this way.

While his girlfriend was in school, he paid for a lot of her expenses, and so he pointed out that she technically “owes” him “a lot.”

When his girlfriend got upset that he still expects her to pay for half of the rent, he tried to come up with another solution to make it more equitable.

“I alternatively proposed that I can share her travel expenses to the city where she works, but she finds that unreasonable,” he said.

dianagrytsku – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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