His Mom Went On A Rampage When He Explained That She Would Not Be Getting A Key To The House He Just Bought With His Girlfriend

Well, he was incorrect, as the following morning, his mom called him. When he picked up the phone, she was crying into the other end about how she knew Lacey was behind her not getting a key to the house.

He let his mom know that it wasn’t just Lacey who decided on the matter; he had input, too, and he didn’t want her to have a key, either.

He also reminded his mom that Lacey is hardly a nasty woman plotting against her, but his mom wouldn’t hear it.

His mom suddenly went from sad to livid, and then he hung up the phone on her.

“Ever since I have been getting guilt trippy texts from my mother and my father about me breaking her heart because I’m shutting her out,” he said. “…Is it really THAT bad she does not have a key?”

He then thought it might be a good idea to text his mom to make it entirely clear why she wasn’t getting a key.

“I texted my mom something along the lines of “no, you will not be getting a key, and that is my decision alone based on your treatment of Lacey through our entire relationship. I do not want to make her feel unwelcome in a home that she also owns. You and I both know that you will go snooping and show up uninvited, and I will not tolerate that. You need to let go of this competition between you and Lacey because I will always choose Lacey,” he added.

Since sending that lengthy text, his mom has continued berating him, but he knows standing by Lacey is the best choice because the alternative is that his mom will walk all over her.

His next step was to attempt to chat with his dad about this, as his mom kept up her furious rampage.

His dad was no help, and then his mom decided to reach out to Lacey to berate her too. He decided to block his mom, but not before letting her know that he was upset with her and he will take some time before speaking with her again.

He ended his message by informing his mom that it wasn’t ok for her to treat Lacey like that.

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