His Neighbor Kept Sending Her Kids To Hangout In His Garden In Hopes Of Getting Some Free Childcare, So He Threatened To Call CPS On Her

So, eventually, he just apologized and said goodbye. After thinking about the bizarre interaction more and more, though, he really does not believe he was in the wrong.

“First off, I did not know I was ‘watching’ children. What if someone got hurt? I don’t know what the hell to do,” he began.

“Second, I feel like this is neglect. This woman doesn’t know me anywhere near well enough to be leaving her kids with me outside while she leaves. Lastly, childcare is expensive for a reason. I’ve been watching kids for free?!”

All of this ultimately prompted him to march over to his neighbor’s house, knock on her door, and tell her that he was not a babysitter.

Moreover, he said that her children were no longer allowed near his house or him.

He also said that the entire situation made him extremely uncomfortable with the safety of the children and claimed that if she ever left her children outside without someone watching them again, he would call CPS.

His neighbor did not take his comments very well, though. Instead, she began screaming at him about how she could not afford childcare and called him a complete jerk for not pitching in when she needed help.

This was another big red flag for him, though.

So, after that conversation, he proceeded to let all of the neighborhood parents know what had happened with his first neighbor and about the new rule that no children are allowed in his garden anymore.

And even though most of the parents completely understood his concerns, he still had to tell some children to leave after they came over to his house.

One boy was even very clearly holding back tears.

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