His Wife Wants Them To Cut Costs By Literally Moving Into A Barn Full Of Cows

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A 24-year-old guy is married to his wife, who is a year younger than he is, and over the last several years, they have really been struggling financially.

Currently, he can’t find a job in his industry, so he works a job in the service industry that only pays minimum wage.

His wife’s job also does not pay her a lot either, so they don’t have a lot of money at all between the two of them.

“Usually, food and rent are taking up most of our money each month, and since we want to start a family and have kids soon, we want to have some savings,” he explained.

“She recently told me that according to her best friend’s friend, there’s a farmer with a large farm 20-30 mins away who will let acquaintances live in the stalls in the cow/pig barns for next to nothing, as long as you help with stall cleanings in the morning before leaving for work.”

“Not sure if it’s even legal to rent those out, but she seemed sort of enthusiastic about the idea.”

His wife says the barns have wifi, they’re climate controlled, and they’re pretty roomy. So far, about 3 or 4 different people are currently living in the barn in an effort to cut their own costs down.

When his wife asked if they could move into the barn, too, he figured she was just teasing him and not serious at all, but he was wrong.

His wife is totally serious, and she already figured out how much money they could save by moving into the barn.

pressmaster – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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