If You Love Shrimp And Sushi, This Recipe Is For You

TikTok has been home to many food trends. Who could forget the iconic ‘whipped coffee’ recipe that so many of us tried during quarantine?

Or how about the salmon and rice bowl created by influencer Emily Mariko that everyone was desperate to try? Now, there’s a new trending recipe on TikTok, and it looks delicious.

The recipe comes from a young home cook and influencer named Faith (@faithsfresh).

Faith is well known for her dairy-free recipes and the silly clips of her vigorously shaking her ingredients in some of her recipe videos. She makes a variety of foods that look delicious and simple to prepare.

One of Faith’s recipes recently received over 4 million likes and is not only healthy but very easy to make!

Her recipe, which people are calling ‘shrimp sushi boats,’ starts off with a cucumber.

Faith slices it in half, then once again length-wise. She then scrapes out the seeds of the cucumber until each piece resembles a little boat.

Faith then takes a bag of peeled, frozen shrimp and dumps them in a container. She adds olive oil and various seasonings before closing the lid and shaking the shrimp until each one is evenly coated.

TikTok; pictured above are the shrimp sushi boats

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