In 1971, This Toddler Was Kidnapped By Her Babysitter: Now, Over 50 Years Later, An Anonymous Tipster Believes They May Have Spotted Her

In August of 1971, Melissa Highsmith of Fort Worth, Texas, was just twenty-one months old.

Her mother, Alta Highsmith, was a twenty-two-year-old waitress at the time who had just moved to the Fort Worth area following a separation. And afterward, she placed an advertisement in her local paper, the Fort Worth Star Telegram, seeking a babysitter for her daughter.

A woman eventually answered the ad and agreed to meet up with Alta at the restaurant she worked at. After Alta waited at the restaurant, though, the woman never showed up.

Nonetheless, the babysitter called Alta later and claimed to still really want the job opportunity. The woman also cited her past work experience with other children and said she had a great big yard for Melissa to play in. So, Alta ended up hiring the woman.

Come August 23, 1971, Alta went to work like usual and left Melissa in her roommate’s care until the new babysitter showed up.

And eventually, the roommate opened the door to a woman who “seemed nice” and was “dressed to impress.” She even reportedly wore white gloves.

So, the roommate handed Melissa over to the supposed babysitter and went about her day.

Tragically, though, Melissa was never returned home, and her mother was forced to contact law enforcement.

Facebook; pictured above is Melissa

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