In 2015, She Finished Her First Day Of Cosmetology School Before Disappearing Under Strange Circumstances

Mike had only gotten home from work at about 10:00 p.m. and, upon arrival, discovered a note from Deanne detailing her first day at cosmetology school and how she had to run to the grocery store.

But, as time passed and she still was not back around 11:30 p.m., he grew concerned.

According to Mike, Deanne struggled with Bipolar Disorder and was known to leave their home for short periods of time. Nonetheless, she was also learning to cope with the symptoms and was never gone for an extended period.

So, Mike decided to visit the Latah Trading Company in search of Deanne but saw no sign of her. Afterward, he continued driving around Spokane in hopes of spotting his fiancé.

And eventually, he decided to track Deanna’s phone using GPS before realizing that her car had been parked in a lot downtown across from The Knitting Factory.

Upon arrival, though, Deanne’s car was found locked with her purse and phone still inside.

Still frantic, Mike made a last-ditch effort to call Deanne’s cosmetology school the following morning to ask if she had shown up for her second day of classes. But, after he sadly learned she was absent, he reported her missing to the police.

Around this time, Mike also returned to the Latah Trading Company and asked employees to review the surveillance footage. Deanne reportedly acted very erratically in the store the night before– waving her hands around while also constantly looking over her shoulder.

And eerily enough, Deanne’s credit cards were used again at the store even though she was not there. Moreover, in the coming days, her credit cards will be used throughout Spokane at various establishments, including convenience stores, pharmacies, and grocers.

But, it was not Deanne making these repetitive purchases. Instead, surveillance camera footage later revealed it was a man named Randy, along with two other individuals.

By November 7, Mike also learned that a Latah Trading Company employee had allegedly spent some time with Deanne the night she disappeared and met with the worker.

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