In 2017, This Preschool Teacher Was Found Shot In The Head And Burned Beyond Recognition In Her Home, But Authorities Still Have Not Made Any Arrests

Another driving part of this theory involved Nanette and Steve’s nine security cameras. The couple lived on a one hundred-acre wooded property and had set up a dedicated network of cameras for protection.

But, authorities discovered the cameras doused with an accelerant and burnt to a crisp. Not even the FBI could recover any of the security network’s footage.

This prompted officials to initially turn to Nanette’s husband, Steve, as a prime suspect– especially because it had recently been discovered that Steve was having an affair with a coworker.

However, Steve’s whereabouts were heavily accounted for on his fire department’s own security cameras. And the only time he left work that day– to attend a lunch at Outback– was corroborated.

In turn, police ultimately dropped Steve as a suspect and have not named another suspect or person of interest in Nanette’s case since.

Nonetheless, more recent inquiries into Nanette’s state of mind at the time were very telling. Emails between Nanette and her family revealed that she had been highly paranoid about her brother-in-law, Bryan, beginning six years before her death.

“Bryan is capable of anything and someone that has nothing to lose, is full of hate, uses drugs, makes threats, is a loose cannon,” Nanette said in an email to her father, Dan Watson, on March 4, 2011.

Bryan was a repeat offender with a record of at least fifteen convictions. His crimes ranged from DWI to the battery of a police officer.

And apparently, he blamed Nanette and Steve for not helping him evade arrest after he got into an accident under the influence.

“Nan was scared to death of him,” Dan said in an interview with 4WWL.

Other emails from March 4, 2011, also revealed the threats Bryan allegedly made to Nanette.

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