Meet Single Vision Inc., The Nonprofit Wildlife Education Facility In Florida That Is Dedicated To Protecting The World’s Exotic Endangered Species

After that, he went on to work at Jungleland Zoo and picked up as many volunteer opportunities as he could. It was during his volunteering time that Carl had his first up-close encounter with a Bengal Tiger, and his obsession began.

“This six hundred-pound tiger walked up to where I sat nervously on the ground, gave me a sniff, and began licking my face with the roughest tongue I had ever felt. That was it. I was hooked!” Carl said.

Then, Single Vision Inc. was officially launched and has been dedicated to the worldwide conservation of endangered species and the preservation of land and habitats ever since.

The nonprofit is currently home to numerous big cats, bears, primates, reptiles, and small animals. Florida locals or tourists can visit on-site and see some incredible panthers, leopards, lions, lemurs, gators, bears, and more.

Single Vision also hosts field trips and off-site educational programs and welcomes support in numerous forms. Wildlife lovers can volunteer to care for the species, donate to the nonprofit’s efforts, or even sponsor and adopt their own animal.

To learn more about setting up a tour or getting involved in Single Vision’s mission, you can visit its website linked here.

Or, to simply remained updated on Single Vision’s exotic animal conservation efforts, you can follow Caretaker Sammie on her TikTok account linked here.

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