New CDC Data Reveals That 84% Of Pregnancy-Related Deaths Between 2017 And 2019 Were Preventable

Interestingly, the prevalence of these underlying causes also varied by race and ethnicity.

“Cardiac and coronary conditions were the leading underlying cause of pregnancy-related deaths among non-Hispanic Black persons; mental health conditions were the leading underlying cause of death among Hispanic and non-Hispanic White persons; and hemorrhage was the leading underlying cause of death among non-Hispanic Asian Persons,” the CDC reported.

Finally, the MMRCs also found that just over eighty-four percent of these deaths were actually preventable.

According to the report, this determination was made based upon numerous factors– including the patient, community, provider, facility, and/or system factors.

In turn, the MMRCs were able to conclude that eighty-four percent of fatalities had at least some chance of being averted if there were “one or more reasonable changes” to the factors.

To view the complete report published by the CDC, visit the link here.

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