Now That Her Cousin Is Having A Baby With The Guy She Almost Got Engaged To, She’s Planning On Giving Her Family An Ultimatum That Will Rip Them All Apart

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A 21-year-old girl was raised along with her brother by their single mom. Her mom had her and her brother out of wedlock, and so her grandparents instantly disliked her and her brother for that very reason.

When she was little, her grandparents spent a lot of time comparing her to her cousins, who were the favorites.

One of her cousins, in particular, named Chrissy, was the child her grandparents really adored. However, Chrissy relentlessly bullied her when they were little.

When it came time for her to graduate high school on the early side, her whole family chose to go to Chrissy’s pageant instead of her graduation, so that made everything hurt worse.

It was just her brother, her mom, and her mom’s handful of friends that were able to make it to her graduation.

It’s easy to see why Chrissy has never been someone that she liked, but after Chrissy recently shared some news with her and the rest of their family, she really can’t stand her now.

So, she used to be in a relationship with a 22-year-old guy named Jack. She dated Jack for 3 years, and she nearly got engaged to him.

“Y’all, I was in so much deep love with him,” she explained. “Our relationship came to an end when he became cold and just abruptly ended it with no explanation.”

“Not even an excuse. Just gone. It took me 10 months of hard work and learning self-love to not be in pain anymore. He hadn’t crossed my mind for 5 months afterward until this week.”

Grindstone Media Grp – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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