She Came Across A Photo Of A Black Lacey Bra Her Boyfriend Saved, And It Belongs To The Girl He Admitted He Had A Crush On

annanahabed - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A girl has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for a bit less than 4 years now, and throughout the duration of their being together, they have swapped passwords for their phones and accounts.

The reason they exchanged passwords is that she really didn’t have a lot of trust in her boyfriend due to a couple of things he did in his past.

Eventually, she decided it was pretty toxic of her to be checking up on what he was doing, and so she stopped.

A few days ago, she and her boyfriend were shopping online through Depop and came across a vintage sweater he really loved.

She reached out to the person selling the sweater so she could buy it for him, and that’s what she did.

Then, the seller, unfortunately, let her know that he managed to lose the sweater, so he was happy to issue a refund or let her pick something else out.

When she got that notification from the seller, she was at her house, and her boyfriend was at his place.

She reached out to her boyfriend to let him know the sweater was lost, so her boyfriend asked if she could look and see what else the seller had that she might like.

She logged onto her boyfriend’s Depop account to see if he had saved any photos of clothing that might be similar to what the seller had to offer, and that’s when she came across something shocking.

annanahabed – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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