She Confronted Her Coworker For Wearing Tops That Show Her Cleavage Off, And Now Her Coworker Is Avoiding Her

Kalim - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A woman recently got a new coworker named Christina, and Christina sits pretty close to where she does.

She says that Christina is nice, married, has kids, and is in her late 30s. She’s spoken to Christina at work on multiple occasions, and although she has had no complaints about her new coworker’s personality, she sure has an issue with how she dresses.

“We work close by, and one time she was sitting and moved to the side, and her already showing cleavage got clearer,” she explained.

“The office got awkward, and the guys there looked down. It was obviously something minor, but it kept happening.”

“I had a couple of our male coworkers complain to me about Christina’s cleavage (I’m more of a tomboy woman, so the men feel comfortable enough around me); they were saying that having to be forced to encounter a similar situation to the one I mention makes them uncomfortable.”

She then did take note of every top that Christina showed up to work in from there, and she felt that each one was made to show off Christina’s cleavage.

She decided it would be best to confront Christina about this, and she walked right up to her and stated that her cleavage was on display.

Christina nodded back in response and didn’t say a single word, so she kept pressing her. She then questioned Christina if she was wearing clothes like this on purpose, and Christina clearly was hurt by that.

Christina wanted to know if she had some kind of a problem, and she blurted out that she felt Christina was acting strange.

Kalim – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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