She Demanded Her Mother-In-Law Take Down A Facebook Post About Her Late Husband’s Ex-Wife, But Her Mother-In-Law Refused

She was utterly shocked to see her mother-in-law had posted that, though, and believed her in-laws were acting like her late husband’s ex was still his wife. Moreover, as if the newborn was his baby.

So, she went over to her in-law’s house, immediately brought up the post, and tried to explain how uncomfortable it made her.

But, her mother-in-law reportedly just acted like the Facebook post was “normal” and also said that the ex was like a daughter to them.

This pissed her off, but she reiterated her feelings and asked to have the post taken down. Still, her mother-in-law refused.

“So, I got upset and said that she was being disrespectful of me as her son’s wife and told her to take it down again.

But, she got defensive, saying that my husband’s ex did all she could to be there for him and that it was okay that she felt she couldn’t handle the situation,” she explained.

Her mother-in-law also claimed that the newborn’s new name was “just a name” and that she had no business even bringing it up– much less spurring a full-blown argument.

And finally, her mother-in-law said that other people cared about her son, too, and that she should just get over it.

“So, I called her insensitive and delusional, which caused her to tell me to leave her house,” she vented. Yikes!

Now, she is feeling totally enraged about the situation. She and her in-laws had been on great terms. They would call often and visit each other monthly.

But after this incident, she does not even want to talk to them. Still, though, she does not want it to cause a massive falling out between her and the family.

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