She Didn’t Say Thank You To Her In-Laws When She Got Up And Gave A Speech At Her Baby Shower, So They Called Her Rude

Her in-laws never even offered to help cover the costs of their guests, which only made things worse. She and her family paid for the bill and decided not to cause a scene and ruin the baby shower.

“The day of the baby shower, I gave a short little speech thanking my family for putting the party together, my friends for being there for me, and everyone who showed up to support us,” she said.

“A couple of hours later, as everyone was leaving, my in-laws pulled me aside and told me that I was rude and out of line for not thanking them as well. My hormones got the best of me, and I asked them what I had to be thanking them for exactly since they had been silent and distant during my pregnancy but invited 20+ people who I had never met to my shower and expected me to just be okay with it.”

“They also showed up empty-handed and stated since they were the grandparents, they didn’t need to get us anything.”

The problem for her is not that they didn’t buy her something for the baby; it’s the fact that her in-laws have been completely thoughtless in regards to her and her baby. Luckily, her husband took her side against his family at the baby shower, and he reminded his family that they have not done anything for the baby, let alone ask about how she or the baby is doing.

Her husband then asked his family to leave the baby shower, and that’s exactly what her in-laws wound up doing.

“Now his siblings are messaging me calling me heartless and materialistic because they stated “because they didn’t contribute to anything, that they were useless,” which was not true, but I don’t have anything to be thankful for since they have no been there at all!” she continued.

She’s left wondering if it was so rude of her, after all, not to thank her in-laws in the quick speech she gave that lasted under a minute.

Do you think she should have specifically thanked them?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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